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About Me | C. E. Matthews


Welcome to InTheirPrime!

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My name is C. E. Matthews and I’m a poet and writer living in the UK. As well as my poems, which you can find here,  I write opinion pieces on current affairs. I’m currently studying at the University of East Anglia, where I write for Concrete, UEA’s official student newspaper. I have also written for Voices of Youth (VOY) a platform set up by UNICEF for young bloggers, and TRIP Magazine, which is a French publication.

Awards for my poetry include Category 2 of Beaumont Park’s Beautiful Poetry Trail Competition for my PermanenceThe Queen’s Gold Medal for Verse (Winchester College) for Shoot and the 2016 Young Poets Network August Challenge #2 – ‘Moments in Poetry’ for Stairs. Read them all here.

Aside from reading and writing, I enjoy art, sailing, and football. I also love photography, and all photos at the top of each page were taken by me unless otherwise stated.

Please leave comments on any post (click on the title of the post and scroll down to write one), visit my Facebook page: InTheirPrime? or Tweet me @C_E_Matthews.

You can also contact me through the Contact page.

I hope my writing is pleasant and interesting to read!

C. E. Matthews


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