Mr Speaker, Ladies and Gentlemen…

Welcome to In Their Prime. This is a site where you can express your views on the political world, whatever they are. Perhaps you’ve got something to say about the world today? Then go ahead!

How about a starter then? American Gun Laws are not worth talking about at this moment in time, with the people of America. Everyone’s already got a view that they’re gonna stick to. But will there be a time in the future when there will be laws prohibiting the right to bear arms? What do you think?

Yet maybe you don’t find this an appealing subject? So write what you wish to debate. Express yourselves!

Oh, and please do send the link of this site to you friends and colleagues, whoever they may be. This site could one day be a centre of discussion for the entire globe. Let us begin to discuss the affairs of this interesting world. Whoever you are, you have views. Express and be proud of them. Write them, discuss them, share them. Defend them.

What use are one’s opinions in one’s head?                                                                     All you have to do is type.


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